8 Must-Have Travel Apps For Your Next Trip

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When traveling, it’s often good to have a few helpful resources available to make your trip go more smoothly. Rather than carrying around several extra bags full of guides, brochures, and translation books, there are a wide variety of apps for your smartphone that can help make your trip go more smoothly. No more wondering which exit you should take when nature calls or paying roaming charges to make a phone call.

That all sounds great, but what are apps, you ask? An app is an application that runs on a computer, smartphone, or other electronic device. Simply put, apps are programs in a computer that can entertain you or make your life easier. These days, there are apps for everything from checking the price of gas in the surrounding area to morphing your voice through an awesome sounding auto-tuner. While apps can be a lot of fun, there are also many apps that focus on making everyday life easier. The following eight travel apps can be used when traveling to ensure you get the most out of your trip.


TripIt acts as your own little personalized travel agent, organizing travel plans and information into an itinerary that combines all of your travel details in one place. This app provides you with a custom itinerary that is available for easy access 24/7. All you have to do is forward your confirmation emails to TripIt and sit back while this app prepares your personal itinerary. Not only does this app make travel planning a breeze, but you can carry it all inside your smartphone. Download app

Sit back and let HearPlanet be your “Audio Guide to the World.” HearPlanet makes it easy to find out all the information about everything around you. This app makes it possible to tour locations without stopping to read. Travel across the entire globe and listen to audio about all the points of interest in your general vicinity. It’s like having your own personal tour guide in your pocket.

Hear Planet

Trip Advisor: Offline City Guides
Trip Advisor: Offline City Guides allows you to plan the perfect vacation or trip. This free app contains information on the world’s top cities. View all attractions, restaurants, hotels, and even reviews for your destination. The app doesn’t need to connect to the internet and works if your phone is in airplane mode. Not only will this travel app tell you what you can do, it lets you know what places others recommend and places they say you should avoid. Download app

Tripadvisor app

Sit or Squat
Finally, there is an app that allows travelers to find the nearest bathroom as soon as nature calls. Have you ever driven along the interstate for miles hoping and praying for a rest area? Once you found a bathroom, have you ever taken one look at the accommodations and wished you hadn’t stopped? Sit or Squat will show you all the restrooms near you and allow you to view ratings. Never feel the need to sanitize your entire body after stopping at a road side bathroom ever again! With Sit or Squat, find the closest, cleanest bathroom to you anywhere on the map!

Sit or Squat App

Currency Converter
If you’re traveling abroad, you can rest easy knowing that your currency converting needs are taken care of. No longer do you need to be a math whiz to calculate the exchange rate each time you convert your money. This mobile currency calculator makes it free and easy to perform any conversion you may need. iPhone | Android

Lonely Planet Offline Language Translator App
You can throw that translation book away and travel with ease knowing this app will take care of all your translating needs. Simply speak into your phone and this app will translate your message to French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Chinese, Iraqi Arabic, Tagalog, or Korean. You can even translate any of these languages back to English. Enhance your travel experience and connect with people while traveling abroad. iPhone | Android

Point It
Another translating app, Point It can be a necessary addition to your travel app collection. Originally available in print, Point It is a multi-lingual picture dictionary. This app allows you to be specific when communicating to non-English speakers. This app can be very helpful when you aren’t exactly sure what you need to say to get your point across. iPhone | Android

While this app is well-known for its general use, Skype can be a very useful app for traveling as well. If you want to avoid those expensive roaming charges or need to make a phone call when your phone has no signal, but there is an internet provider available, Skype has you covered. You can make free, unlimited calls Skype-to-Skype and premium members can call mobile phones and landlines from their Skype app. iPhone | Android

When traveling abroad we can sometimes feel like we’re all alone in a world where no one understands us. These apps can not only help you on a cross-country drive, but when you’re worlds away from home as well. Ensure a smooth, hassle-free trip. Take advantage of these travel apps for your next journey.

What other travel apps do you recommend using?

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  1. Linda Bibb says:

    You are SO right about TripIt, it’s a must-have app for sure. I can keep track of all our travel arrangements, including confirmation and reservation numbers. I just invested the $ to become a pro member and it’s a good thing I did; it tracks all our loyalty points … had we not bought it we’d not have known our Hilton points were about to expire and would have lost our elite status.
    Linda Bibb recently posted…Fabric artists in Ubud, BaliMy Profile

  2. Andrew says:

    These are some pretty cool apps, although I have to say you’re missing a few: we use trail wallet everyday, it’s designed by a travel blogging couple so it’s really good, we also have a currency converter app (AppBox I think it’s called) that converts all sorts of units – weight, distance, and others, and we’ve used Sygic to help us drive around New Zealand and Australia. I will look into the tripit app as all I use at the moment is the notes app on my phone. I used to have the trip advisor app but you couldn’t use the guide if there was an update due for the particular city – other than that it was quite good.
    Thanks for the write up!

    • Mig says:

      There are so many apps out there. Thank for the recommendations! I’ll have to check out Trail Wallet and Appbox too! At the moment, I’ve been loggin my expenses on an excel document at the end of each day. It would be nice to have an expense log handy.

  3. Robert says:

    Great tips Mig. Very helpful! Thanks for the great content.

  4. Cornell says:

    Howdy MIG!
    I have an iPhone and the apps I find awesome for travelling are:

    WhatsApp (free international texting, videos, photos, audios using WiFi)

    Vonage Mobile (cheap international calls to landlines/mobiles and excellent sound quality)

    Skyscanner.com (the best way to find the cheapest airfares worldwide while travelling! Even better than Kayak.com)

    Booking.com (to book hotels quick and easy – has a great “find a hotel nearby” feature!)

  5. Cindy says:

    One very useful apps is Symbolic ! It helps you communicate through symbols. You just look into your phone for the “international” symbol of airport, hotel or most urgently toilets, and show it to anyone local person around and there you are, communicating without words :D
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