Ciudad Perdida

Cuidad Perdida (The Lost City) in Colombia

Curious Nomad is a blog for those who want to travel the world and make a difference.

There is a world outside the cubicle waiting for you to explore. Here you’ll find inspiration to save money, step out of the comfort zone, travel the world, and make a difference.

“We should come home from adventures, and perils, and discoveries every day with new experience and character.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

I created this site to shares experiences and tips to help first timers travel smart. If you are a seasoned traveler, hopefully it will give you ideas on where to explore next. I’m by no means an expert since I’m learning something new everyday, but I’ll share what I find with you.

Bicycle tour

Bicycle touring through Costa Rica and Panama

Hi. My name is Mig.

My dream is to travel on a round-the-world adventure. No fixed plans, no permanent address, just wandering with a purpose to learn about other cultures and volunteer abroad.

I’m a Filipino American from Chicago that caught the travel bug several years ago. I’ve been robbed, scammed, almost drowned snorkeling, went to Chitchen Itza for the end of the world Mayan calendar, camped a whole week in the dessert at Burning Man, hiked Macchu Picchu and the Lost City backpacked through several countries in Europe, paraglided, skydived, and cycled over 935 km (468 miles) through two countries solo with no prior experience or training. I’m just a regular guy, a daydreamer, who made the leap to live adventurously.

Many ask how I was able to afford to do this. I’m not a millionaire, nor did I win the lottery. I had a steady job, lived a minimalist lifestyle, and worked my butt off to save my hard earned money to make this happen. Oh, I also sold my car and got rid of most of my possessions too.

While on the road, I seek out volunteer projects that help eradicate poverty and hunger or improve primary education.

I didn’t always travel like this. I’ve done a lot of site seeing, crossed things off a check list, partied too much, but I think that traveling is more meaningful when you connect with people in the places you visit.

I’m definitely not Superman, but I want to do my small part to change the world. This sounds crazy, huh?

This idea is big, impossible, but it’s actually easier than one might think. I think changing the world is about making things better, creating or doing something that adds value to others.

All it takes are simple ideas to spread and make a positive impact. I hope sharing stories on Curious Nomad will inspire you to travel and make a difference.

At the end of the day, I want to help you break free and do this too… in your own way.

Mombacho Volcano, Nicaragua

Mombacho Volcano, Granada, Nicaragua

What makes you curious?

Whether we know it or not we are all curious nomads wandering through life in search of something… a better job, more money, recognition, achievement, progress, love, belonging, knowledge, inspiration, connection, truth, passion, purpose, happiness, fulfillment, meaning… whatever it is… never stop searching.

I’d like to hear from you. Comment on the blog to join the conversation. Send me a message. Thank you for visiting!

“To be on a quest is nothing more or less than to become an asker of questions.” ~ Sam Keen Tweet this

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