Bike Tour To Panama City: Bike Tour Busted

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    This pic was taken right before we rode off in separate directions.

    This pic was taken right before we rode off in separate directions.

    Day 9: Partying ways

    Our bike tour is over. That’s right, we’re no longer biking together. It was abrupt. After a disagreement last Sunday, Adam decided to do his own thing and wanted to part ways.

    In this video update, I explain the events that happened the afternoon of Day 8 that lead up to this moment.

    What happens next?

    Adam is figuring out what to do with his bike and thinking about heading to Tortuguero to see some turtles lay eggs.

    I’m taking a few days to regroup and figure out my next steps. The morning we separated, I didn’t know where I was going to stay. So, I powered up the Hostelworld app on my iPhone and searched for hostels that were in radius from my GPS location. I was able to find a place in a matter of minutes using the map feature on the app.

    I have an interview with an organization that I might be volunteering with in Colombia so this will shape the next leg of the journey.

    We gave it a shot to see if we could bike together. Riding 58 km was a good test to see if this is something we want to do or not. This isn’t an easy journey and it’s not for everyone. I’ll figure out if it’s even for me.

    Sometimes when you travel with others, you either click or you don’t. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out for us, but we parted on good terms.

    I still enjoy cycling. Stay tuned as I hash out a new plan. Keep following along the adventure.

    “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” ― Albert Einstein

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    1. Heather Dopson says:

      Hang in there Mig! Maybe someone else can join you on your trip. Costa Rica is one of my most favorite places on earth. I hope you enjoy it despite the challenges.

    2. Josh says:


      How is it going? I was just able to sit down and watch this video finally. Sounds like everything went to shit. But like you said shit happens. I’ve been to San Jose and traveled to jaco beach. I was just thinking about those mountains there are while your driving to jaco. It’s way nice man! If I were you I would stop in a couple of those small towns for a day or two and enjoy. Can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

      • Mig says:

        Thanks Josh! I’m thinking about busing it to Jaco and start on the Pacific coast. I’d like to check out the small towns along the route for sure. Hope to see ya in Colombia!

    3. Andrew says:

      Hi Mig, I’m sorry to hear that things didn’t work out. I know it’s better to have someone to cycle with but could you continue on your own? I think you did the right thing pulling off the highway, I wouldn’t have got on it in the first place! Keep pedalling!
      Andrew recently posted…Six Months of Travel: Our Video, Stats and SummaryMy Profile

      • Mig says:

        Thanks Andrew! It’s all good. I’m reworking my plan to continue solo. A friend gave me an idea to take a bus to the coast and start there. I had to ship my tent back home because it was too heavy, but hope to buy a lighter one here.

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