Bike Tour To Panama City: Monteverde

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    Day 4: Taxi to Monteverde

    Taxi route Nicoya to Monteverde

    We cheated a bit! We took a taxi from Nicoya to Monteverde so we can rest another day. The distance is about 108 km. We paid 75,000 Colones ($150 USD). It was pricey, but it bought us time.

    Get caught up on the adventure: Panama City or Bust!

    Adam didn’t feel like biking and wanted to get out of the heat. The weight load problem was also bugging him.

    Our initial plan was to bike to the bottom of mountain at the road leading up to Monteverde and hitchhike, but we opted for the quickest way to get there. There are several taxis in Costa Rica that are flat bed trucks so finding one to put our bikes on was fairly easy.

    Here is a rebroadcast from our Ustream inside the taxi en route to Monteverde.

    Day 5: Ziplining in the rainforest

    Monteverde has the best ziplining in Costa Rica. This was something I had to experience before leaving the country.

    Adam zipping through the rainforest.

    Adam zipping through the rainforest.

    Superman cable. Look mom! No hands!

    Superman cable. Look mom! No hands!

    Check out our live Ustream at the longest zip line in Latin America! I would’ve loved to stream live while ziplining, but I didn’t have a safety on my iPhone and that would have sucked it if dropped into the forest. On the superman cable, you’re allowed to hold your camera and record since you don’t use your hands to brake.

    This activity pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I had to change my gloves used for breaking because I could feel heat and didn’t want to burn my hand. I actually chickened out of doing the Tarzan swing which had a slight drop from a bridge. I’ve been skydiving and cliff jumping before, but I wasn’t feelin’ it this day.

    The whole experience was a blast!

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