Bike Tour To Panama City: Got Sick In Sona, Video Updates, Photos

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    I finally got around to update the blog while on the road. There is no internet signal in areas between Quebrada de Piedra and Sona. If you’d like to see quicker updates in between posts, follow curiousnomadtravel on Instagram.

    Saturday, October 12, 2013

    I got an early start to Sona since Luis, the stranger’s house I crashed at, was off to work.

    Here are photos I snapped along the way from Jorones to Sona. Enjoy!

    Beautiful hills

    Beautiful hills

    More beautiful landscapes

    More beautiful landscapes

    This road was paved within the last year.

    This road was paved within the last year

    18 km to Sona

    18 km to Sona

    Passed by farmers on horses

    Passed by farmers on horses

    Watch rebroadcast of LIVE stream

    I arrived and checked into my hotel. Afterwards, I head to the main street to grab lunch. Click video to take a peak at the town of Sona.

    Jorones to Sona 37 km

    Jorones to Sona 37 km

    The ride from Jorones to Sona was moderate. Few hills to go up and cruise down on, but manageable. It took me about 4 hours to cycle 37 km.

    This puts me around 300 km to the finish line, crossing the Bridge of the Americas!

    Got sick the next day

    I stayed in Sona an extra night because I got sick. It must have been from the night before when we went pig chasing since I was out in the rain and shivering. Watch the video to see the neighborhood and updates for the day.

    Morning parade through town

    Monday, October 14, 2013

    I like to see how a town or city gets going in the morning. People going to work. Kids going to school. Movement. It gives you an idea of the community.

    The morning I left Sona, I was having breakfast at a restaurant. I heard drums beating from afar getting closer. I take a peak out and see this parade. They were promoting healthy hand washing. Click video to watch.

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