Bike Tour To Panama City: Next Steps, A Girl In San Jose, Exploring the City

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    The street our hostel was on in Monteverde.

    The street our hostel was on in Monteverde

    Day 6: Planning next steps

    We spent a day in Monteverde hanging out and figuring out what to do next. We went to the post office to find out how much it would cost and how long it would take to ship a few things back to the U.S., Panama City, and even Colombia which is our final destination. I went to the bus station to find out what our options were for getting out of Monteverde and if we could even put our bikes on the bus.

    Since you all chose the Pacific route, our plans became a bit more clear.

    Adam decided to ditch his tent and leave it at last hotel we stayed at. I’ll continue biking with the weight that I currently have. If it becomes bothersome, I’ll mail stuff to a friend in Panama City.

    Day 7: A girl in San Jose

    We originally had agreed to take the bus down the mountain to the town of Esparza, get a hotel, then continue biking the following morning. We’ll, while in route to Esparza, Adam changed his mind and decided to head into San Jose to see if he could meet up with a Tica girl whom he met in Tamarindo. It wasn’t a big deal because the bus that went to Esparza stops in San Jose as the final destination, so I told the bus driver that we’d ride all the way into the city instead.

    The thing is that we haven’t solidified plans with the girl. I tried to call and text her for Adam, but no answer.

    Monteverde bus to San Jose

    Monteverde bus to San Jose

    We took a bus from Monteverde to downtown San Jose. The bus cost about 2500 Colones ($5 USD), plus we had to pay an extra 2000 Colones ($4 USD) for each bike.

    The bikes stored nicely under the carriage of the bus.

    The bikes stored nicely in the carriage of the bus

    View from the bus window on the way down from Monteverde.

    View from the bus window on the way down from Monteverde

    I wasn’t really keen on heading into the city, but I was willing to compromise. Adam really wanted to see this girl and meet her kids and mother. We were waiting for a text message from her to see if she was even in the city.

    We really didn’t have anything planned, so I thought I would see if I could make something happen. While en route, I messaged some people on Facebook who live in San Jose whom I met when I was in Tamarindo to find out what was going on at night. Within minutes, this guy I met who lives in the city, told us that him and his friends were going to a club later that evening. I thought, great, we can party tonight.

    Connecting with other travelers you meet on the road through Facebook is a great way to keep in touch and get travel info. You can create opportunities from nothing just by reaching out to others.

    Rapsodia Lounge

    Rapsodia Lounge

    We met my new friends and this club, but the bouncer wouldn’t let us in because we didn’t have dress shoes. No big deal, we just when to a bar across the street.

    Day 8: Exploring the city

    It turned out that the girl that we traveled to city for was still in Tamarindo. It was kind of a bummer for Adam.

    Again, we didn’t really have anything planned so we thought we’d just explore San Jose on our bikes.

    Park in San Jose

    Park in San Jose

    We rode around to check out the city. The quality of life looked pretty good. There were a lot of families hanging out at the park enjoying the weather.

    Watching locals play soccer at a park near Estadio Nacional

    Watching locals play soccer at a park near Estadio Nacional

    Kilometers biked exploring San Jose: 14

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