Disgusting Thanksgiving Dinner

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andouillette paris

The meal you see above looks appetizing doesn’t it? If colors of food give a clue to what your tongue is about to experience, you can probably imagine what it tastes like.

Last year I went to Paris for Thanksgiving week. I was keen to try new food so I asked my Parisian friend what local dishes I should try. She recommended andouillette.

We went to Chartier where a mix of locals and tourists dined. The atmosphere of the restaurant looked like I had stepped back in time. The place had a roaring twenties kind of a feel. The mirrors on the walls made the room look big. It was charming and had character. The menu had variety and it was affordable. We arrived right before the dinner rush and were seated fairly quickly.

When the waiter came by our table to take our order, I told him that I would like the andouillette. He smiled and said, “do you know what it is? are you sure?” I said “Oi, andouillette s’il vous plaît”

Andouillette is a pork blood liver sausage made of intestines with a mustard sauce. It’s a French delicacy.

The meal arrived in front of me and I leaned in to take a whiff. I smelled a mustard livery odor that wasn’t pleasant to my tastes. I poked the meal with my fork to get a sense of the texture, then I courageously held my breathe and dug in. I let the sausage and sauce soak into the taste buds of my tongue.

After a bite, I couldn’t get myself to eat anymore. My friend dared me to take a second stab at it which I did. It’s an acquired taste that I wasn’t use to. Luckily, the meal was €12 ($16 USD). I lost my appetite afterwards so I was only able to finish a few fries.

If you’re curious to try it, here’s the address to the restaurant:

Bouillon Chartier
7 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre
75009 Paris, France
Near Metro: Grands Boulevards
Tip: Get to the restaurant early because there is usually a wait during dinner time.

Although it wasn’t my favorite Thanksgiving meal, I’m thankful that I had a chance to experience andouillette.

What’s the most disgusting Thanksgiving meal you’ve had?

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  1. Thanks for the head’s up! I had no idea that was what andouillette was made of. Personally I am not a fan of eating any organs that are used to filter body wastes:( Bouillon Chartier does sound a great address to find authentic fare, though. Has me wondering what else they serve.
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