Do you stock survival food?

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    Mayday Emergency Rations

    What if disaster strikes and you have no food to eat? It’s possible to survive without food for up to three weeks, but you’ll become weak and won’t mentally function properly. It’s always a good idea to have a nonperishable food supply in case of emergency.

    This Mayday ration is made by Mayday Industries. If you are preparing for the zombie apocalypse, it’s a good addition to your survival kit.

    This bar has 1200 calories. It has a mix of nutrients to fuel your body. There are 6 squares containing 200 calories each. You break off a piece to eat every 4 hours. The shelf life is 5 years so it lasts quite along time.

    Before purchasing it, I was able to sample it at the store. Mayday food tasted like a granola or really dried crummy bar. My mouth did feel a bit dry after eating it. It’s definitely edible, but you’ll need water to help you digest the food.

    What kind of survival food would you put in your emergency kit?


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