Why Germany Should Be Top Of Your Destinations List

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When picking destinations in Europe, Germany is usually the country picked last. But Germany is not just the home of the autobahn and the globe’s “wurst” lingual puns. In fact, it should be top of your list, and here are the reasons why.

The Food (and Bier)

German food is more than just stuffing meat inside other meat, as many tourist think. In fact, German food ranges from hearty stews to mouthwatering deserts like apple strudel. And with names like Kasespatzle (noodles made from flour and egg), and Grunkohleintopf (kale with smoked meat) German food is actually just as much fun to order as to eat.
Strict purity laws and sheer variety make German biers an equally important part of the experience. Downing a glass mug is almost a cultural requirement, but it’s one tradition whose pervasiveness I’m glad of. And yes….the “wurst”…they’re actually very good, alright?

The Mountains

The German Alps. A gently rolling picturesque series of mountains gifted to us by the last ice age. Weaving among or over them by car or by foot is almost a fairytale experience, even with the occasional cow. Largest among them is the appropriately named Zugspitze Massif, where you can triumphantly look down on more than 400 lower mountain peaks. Finding the best views is an art form, so make sure to ask a local, or make use of the experts at www.myadventurestore.com

But the Alps aren’t just a pretty view. They’re home to a number of other attractions. In typical German fashion, there is always a castle or two to visit and an old school Abby to tour around. Neushwanstien is a must – I can only imagine the tantrum of my inner child if I missed the model for the Disney castle. Winter sports are also an option for the hyperactive.

The History

I have to concede a point here, Germany is not the only country in Europe to have a history. Unlike other countries however, the German’s get in early. One home to Trier, the “Second Rome” of the 4th century, German holds an impressive array of Roman ruins. Germany is home to a number of cathedrals, including the iconic gothic structure Cologne, and a vast array of chronologically varied castles. Depending on desire to be depressed Germany also holds deeply disturbing but important sites, such as Dachau Concentration Camp, Stasi Prison and the German Resistance Memorial Centre.

But the German’s don’t just have a history; they also like to pretend they’re still in it. Medieval Fests take place throughout the country, and the jousting and painstakingly accurate garb make them well worth attending. Bavaria’s Festival-Mediaval leads the show in September – if you’ve ever wanted to hear the brassy tones of a 16th century sackbut, I suggest you check it out.

But all that’s just the tip of the Eisberg! It would be a lot harder to write an article about what you can’t do in Germany. See you there next Oktoberfest.

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