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I came across this article on The Guardian about a nurse who counseled the dying in their final days. She noticed from interviewing them that the top five regrets in life they experienced we’re:

  • Not being true to themselves.
  • Working too hard.
  • Not having the courage to express their feelings.
  • Not staying in touch with friends.
  • Not allowing themselves to be happier.

Pursue dreams to be fulfilled. Don’t live up to others expectations. Spend time with loved ones to fully appreciate them. Never settle for mediocre existence. Give more time and effort to keep in touch with friends before it’s too late. Happiness is a choice.

There was also a story mentioned on China Daily a few weeks ago about an 86 year old man dying in China who had a dream of traveling the world. Due to his illness he wasn’t able to leave the hospital. His granddaughter posted on a Chinese microblogging site to start a “Taking Grandpa Around the World” campaign. Many strangers from all over inspired by her story helped out and took a copy of the grandfather’s photo to sites and snapped a pic of him in it. This was a creative idea to help minimize the grandfather’s regret as he was able to see his picture in different places.

While I sympathize for the grandfather and his family, why did he not pursue his dream earlier in life? We don’t know all the details to his life circumstances. Its a challenging dream for many to achieve since it requires money, time, and energy. Millions of people live on less than $1 a day. Traveling may or may not be on their minds since they’re probably thinking about survival.

If you have the resources to pursue your dreams, why not try? If you don’t have the means to pursue your dream yet, how can you align your life to get you moving towards it?

We only have one shot at living life the fullest. Make the best of it! Priorities in life can be redefined when you identify what is most important to you. In order to minimize regret at the end of your life, what dreams would you like to pursue? If you were to think with the end in mind, how would live the rest of your life?

Jezz Bezo, CEO of, shares his framework for minimizing regret in the video below.

This regret minimization framework applies to more than just fulfilling dreams.

Is there a broken relationship in your life that you’d like to repair? Who would you like to say “I love you” to more often? Who would you like to spend more time with before it’s too late?

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