Never Stop Searching

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    college graduation day

    Two years after I graduated from college, I still kept in touch with some of my business school’s faculty.

    One day I received an email that one of my former marketing professors who retired wasn’t doing well. He was in home hospice and only had a few weeks to live.

    This teacher inspired me. There was something special about his style that made me think and look at things differently.

    I gave him a call to see how he was doing. His spirits were high, even though he knew his time was limited. I wasn’t quite sure what to say when he answered the phone, but I thought I’d just have a regular conversation and maybe listen to him. I thanked him for everything and let him know that he had an impact on my career and life.

    What I thought was going to be a brief chat turned into one of his last lectures. We ended up talking for a few hours.

    He asked me where I worked, what I was doing. I shared my dreams and aspirations. The conversation varied from how to go about progressing in my career, what grad schools to apply for, and the future of work.

    He shared his career path and told me what I might encounter along the way. The office politics I would have to deal with, how to chose a boss to work for, the path to the C suite, and what to do if I decided to apply to grad school. This guy had been around the block from working in corporate America to academics.

    As we got to the tail end of the call, I asked him one last question… “If there was one lesson that I can pass on to other students for him, what would it be?”

    This man’s words of wisdom wasn’t to find the highest paying job and make a lot of money, climb the corporate ladder, or pursue another fancy degree.

    He paused for a moment…

    Then he said… never stop searching.

    Our interests in life change. We graduate school with the intention of pursuing a profession with the degree that we earned, but that sometimes isn’t the case. The job market sucks. We can’t find something in the field we want. We get bored with our current job. Maybe we want a better one with more pay. Maybe we get the job that we thought we wanted, but after doing it for so many years, we look for something new.

    Ya know what? It’s okay. There is nothing wrong with changing course to what was originally planned. People change. Interests change. The job market changes. The only thing that we can count on is that everything changes.

    The beauty of life is being present to experience what is in front of us and intentionally create the life we want to live. It’s never too late to pursue dreams.

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    1. Amy says:

      I love this story mig – very touching and inspirational. The dreams and ambitions I had when I left Uni were very different from the ones I have now; it’s only natural that they morph and change as we journey through our lives. Right now I’m living my greatest dream of travelling the world; something I used to think was impossible. Now that I’m on the road I’m finding that the search to find out how I want to live is just beginning.
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      • Mig says:

        Thank you! Life is beautiful in that we can design a lifestyle and live intentionally. I thought it was impossible too, but it was just a matter of rewiring my brain to think differently. To quote Buzz Lightyear… “To infinity… and beyond!”

    2. Dori says:

      Mig, you are amazing! This resonates with me as I am about to begin yoga teacher training as I continue my journey through life.

    3. Lineth says:

      Great read mig. in lifes journey we sometimes stop & think are we doing the right thing? I think as long as you follow your passion, you’ll never go wrong.

    4. Anne Marie says:

      Hey Mig! I just started reading your blog and I must say I’m impressed! Which got me thinking, I should start my own bucket list Congrats Mig on your blog and keep up the good work! Take care!

    5. Zennie says:

      Success is what you want to do in life. I am with you Mig. Wish you the best in your journey.

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