Panama City Or Bust!

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A lot has been going on in these past several months that I haven’t been able to update this blog chronologically as much as I would have liked to. Living in the moment makes it tricky to document every step of the journey, but will try my best to keep this blog updated.

With that being said… We started our bike tour! My new friend Adam whom I met in Guatemala while volunteering with Habitat flew down to Costa Rica to meet up so we could bike to Panama City. Once we get there, we’re planning to sail to Colombia.

A while back I posted a status update on Facebook to see if anyone wanted to do this and he surprisingly responded.

Facebook bike invite

Prior to hitting the road, I was hanging out in Tamarindo for a few months while my friend sorted out his sabbatical/vacation time. Since I didn’t have the gear for this leg of the journey, I had to order pannier bags and camping gear online in America to be delivered to my friend’s house which he brought down with him. I went to a few bike stores in San Jose to see if any sold pannier bags, but no luck which is why I ordered them online. Mountain biking is a popular sport in Costa Rica and finding brand name bikes and good shops were easy. I ended up buying a bike in Liberia.

This is going to be an interesting journey. Neither of us have done a bike tour before. We’re not in athletic shape. Plus, we don’t even really know each other that well yet. We’re either going to be good friends or hate each other by the end of the trip. We’re just a couple of crazy guys with the same dream to bike to Panama City and sail to Colombia.

Why are we biking?

Just for the heck of it. I’m biking just to see if I can do it. Adam decided to bike because the opportunity presented itself. I guess another motivating factor for me to accomplish this goal is to share with others how an average guy like myself can pick up a bike and just go.

I have to learn several new things and will be figuring things out along the way. I didn’t know how to shift the gears or know which one to use. I’m figuring it out. I only had a chance to get a feel for my bike a few times before we took off. Learn and go. That’s how we’re doing it.

We’re excited to share this journey with you as we travel through Central America. We’re looking to interact with locals and see the country on a bike to go to places that most tourists don’t see.

Vote on our bike route

Pacific Route

Bike Pacific Route

Atlantic Route

Bike Atlantic route

We want to share this experience with you and invite you along to be part of the journey. Help us decided on which route we should take to Panama City.

We don’t have any guidebooks. We’re just flying by the seat of our pants getting tips from locals and other travelers on what to do and see. If you have any suggestions on things to do along our route, please share them with us.

Track our location

Track our progress to see how far we’ve traveled and how close we are to reaching Panama City. You can click below to track us on GPS. It’s creepy, huh?

Watch us LIVE on Ustream

Just in case you just can’t wait for the next blog update, watch our show live. Come on the road with us. See the beautiful landscapes that we see and meet the interesting people we meet.

Tune 11 a.m. PST/ 1 p.m. CST/ 2 p.m. EST everyday that we’re biking! Learn more.

Follow the adventure

Be part of our journey

  • Vote on our bike route.
  • Give us a dare or challenge (must be legal).
  • Recommend things we should do or see.

Share your thoughts in the comments below. Help us create this experience to share with you!

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  1. Tam says:

    Hi Mig!
    I always enjoy reading your updates and am living vicariously through you!
    I think you should take the Atlantic Route, that’s my vote :)
    Miss you and glad you are still having a blast!

  2. Robert Adducci says:

    Take the Pacific route…much more to do and see. The Atlantic coast of Costa Rica is undeveloped.

    Challenge; Stay up all night on a Costa Rican beach and protect the endangered turtles and their baby turtle nests from poachers.

    • Mig says:

      Thanks for the challenge! That would require a bit more logistics to coordinate with organizations. We can stay up all night partying for you which would be easier. :)

  3. Manny Branco says:

    Hola Adam and Mig

    Fantastic way to document your adventures. I am digging the way you are immersing yourselves in the completely new environment,you both find yourself in. I vote Pacific. Having been born and living within smelling distance of the Atlantic, for a great majority of my life, the Pacific is much more of a mystery…seas turtles, black sand beaches…Playa Hermosa.

    May the wind be always at your backs !

    • Mig says:

      Thank you! We’ll be announcing shortly what we have planned based on how everyone voted. The adventure is filled with highs and lows and everything in between.

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