Save money using a refillable water bottle

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Water refill station

Save a few bucks by bringing your own water container to fill up wherever you go.

I was at Chicago O’Hare and found this water fountain that dispensed purified water. I’m doing my small part to go green and save the planet. I recently purchased a Klean Kanteen. While I paid $19 for my reusable water bottle, it will easily pay off in savings after 5 uses from not having to purchase bottled water for $4 at the airport. Some airlines are charging for drinks, so you can save money on the flight too.

So far, I’ve seen water refill stations in Chicago (ORD) and San Francisco (SFO) airports. I’ve also seen them in national parks such as Zion and the Grand Canyon!

Reduce waste and save money. It’s a win win!

What other airports or places have you seen these water refill stations at? How was the quality of the water?

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