The Adventure Has Begun

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    El Arco Antigua Guatemala

    I’m on the road! I started my round-the-world trip and nomadic lifestyle. This is something I’ve been dreaming about for years and it’s happening.

    Everything flew by so fast that I didn’t get a chance to share the excitement and stories leading up to departure until now. So surprise!

    I’ve enjoyed living in Vegas for almost six years, but there is so much of the world to explore.

    Lots has happened last week. I had friends over for dinner, moved out of my roommates house, finished my last day of work, and managed to squeeze in a trip to visit family and friends in Chicago before heading to Guatemala. I arrived in Antigua last Monday.

    The reason I started in Central America is because I had a volunteer trip with Habitat for Humanity already planned.

    So between organizing two going away gatherings in two different cities, moving, and packing, it was a hella lot of work to do in a few days. I was too exhausted to be excited about starting the journey.

    Packing up the remaining stuff in my room was more challenging than I had expected. I moved a few times around town and it usually takes less than three hours. What made it tough this time around was figuring out what to keep and what to get rid of. After all, I’m not quite sure when the next time I’ll home.

    I sold whatever furniture I was able to sell and gave away a few things. Sorting through paper files was a hassle so I just shredded a bunch of documents.

    At my going away gathering in Vegas, I displayed all the stuff I didn’t want for my friends to take. Luckily, one friend took all my books. If you ever decide to get rid of stuff quickly, throw a party and have your friends take whatever you don’t want. It’s easier than figuring out what goes to the Salvation Army and disposing the stuff yourself. Crowdsource the de-cluttering process.

    Free shit

    I was at the breaking point of wanting to through everything away. Clothes, toiletries, office supplies, books, whatever. I didn’t care anymore because I wanted to get on the road. This cleansing experience has made me more mindful to think first if I really need something before buying it next time.

    Now I’m living out of a 50 liter backpack. While its only been a few days since I left, my life is simpler now. I’m happy because its less stuff to think about. Traveling light enables me to get around easier and do more.

    So what happens after I finish my first volunteer project?

    Your guess is as good as mine. For now, I’m done with planning everything down to the tee. I want to be in the moment and go where the wind blows or until the money runs out. There may come a day that I’ll get tired from traveling, but I’m not going to think about this yet. I’ll meet people on the road, do research as I go, and learn about the possibilities of what to do next. I’ll seek out volunteer projects where I think I can help out most. There will always be a sign or someone to point me in the next direction. The universe has a way of providing what I need when I set my intentions.

    “Not all those who wander are lost.” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

    While I don’t have this round-the-world trip figured out entirely, I do have few options:

    1. Continue down Central America via bus, then sail from Panama to Colombia.
    2. Join the Mongol Rally this July. Drive 10,000 miles from the UK to Mongolia for adventure and charity. The only challenge about this is having enough time to get all the visas since I’m abroad at the moment.
    3. Head to Southeast Asia. Right now I have a return ticket back to Vegas. The flight from Vegas to Bangkok was cheap last time I checked. I could make a pitstop back home and meet up with a Couchsurfing friend in Thailand. I need to get the Japanese encephalitis and rabies immunizations to complete all my travel shots. It’s much cheaper to get these abroad, then in the U.S. Plus, the dollar can stretch further there.
    4. Find another office job. Just kidding.

    The trick is to be flexible. Planning too much can actually work against me because I might want to stay somewhere longer or change course.

    The adventure has begun! Let’s see… where shall we go next?

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    1. Steph ( says:

      Congratulations on taking the big leap and finally seeing your dream come true! Whatever you wind up doing, I’m sure you’ll have a blast, so I say, just focus on the present and as the time comes to move on, take a moment to see what it is you want most and do that!
      Steph ( recently posted…The Hardest Part of Travel BloggingMy Profile

    2. Amy says:

      Congratulations! Andrew and I are so pleased you made it out on the road. Looking forward to hearing more about your voluntary placement; if you choose to head to Southeast Asia after that perhaps we’ll bump into you!
      Amy recently posted…Our Experience of Travelling in New ZealandMy Profile

    3. eemusings says:

      Congratulations! How very exciting.

      We’re off in a couple of weeks on our trip and I’ve just listed some of the furniture we’re trying to get rid of – here’s hoping for some bites.
      eemusings recently posted…Three takeaway foods you can make at homeMy Profile

    4. Congrats and good luck! I am sure you will have an amazing time! Your volunteering trip sounds so interesting. I have been volunteering on and off in Cambodia for almost 1.5 years now and it really changed me personally. Would love to volunteer in Central or South America as well, but for a lot of placements you need to be able to speak Spanish. Currently trying to learn it though. Can’t wait to read more about your up coming adventures!
      TammyOnTheMove recently posted…Behind the Berlin Wall – Life in Communist GermanyMy Profile

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