The Extra Ticket Dilema

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    Tulum ruins

    When I went to the Tulum ruins a few days after the world was suppose to end there were mobs of tourists everywhere.

    The queue to buy a ticket was so long. It took me about 20 minutes to get the counter. Since I was traveling solo, I gestured to the ticket agent behind the glass window that I only needed one. I gave him a large bill. He gave me the ticket and my change. After doing the math in my head, I realized that the change didn’t add up. I looked at the ticket he handed me and it appears that he gave me two. I only wanted one.

    There was no way I was going to wait back in line for a refund. The entrance into the ruins was about $5 USD which wasn’t much to me. Then I thought to myself, since I’m traveling by myself I can sell this ticket to someone who doesn’t want to wait in line.

    I walked down to the back of the line and in a loud voice I told everyone that I had an extra ticket to sell if they didn’t want to wait. Mind you, this is in Mexico where only a few spoke English. Many said no because they were with others and needed a few tickets.

    I thought that this wasn’t going to be a problem. There will be another solo traveler like myself who is coming to the ruins, so I’ll wait patiently.

    I stood around for about 5 – 10 minutes watching more tourists flock the line. Then, I spotted this Chinese girl holding a Lonely Planet travel guide walking by herself towards me. I approached her and offered to sell her the ticket if she didn’t want to wait in line. She said that she would pay me after we got inside and I agreed.

    We ended up exploring the ruins together. Luck had it that she just arrived into town and didn’t have a place to stay. I invited her to share the hotel room I was staying at on the beach if she wanted to chip in for the costs. We hung out the whole day and had dinner at El Camello. After consideration, she decided to share the room.

    The extra ticket ended up being a solution to meeting a new friend to enjoy the day and share the costs of accommodations.

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    1. Peter Lee says:

      Funny incident. But yes, this can happen to anyone. It’s not your fault but I am happy that you got company from a girl.:) It’s good that you checked your money because most people don’t check and put it directly in pocket.

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