Tocayo: We Have The Same First Name

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Chichen Itza magnet

I had three hours to kill before my bus departed Chichen Itza heading for Tulum. I hopped in a cab to explore Piste Pueblo which is the town nearby the ruins. After stopping in the internet cafe to upload my “end of the world” pics to Facebook and having a late lunch, I walked down the street looking for the bus station.

In my broken Spanish, I asked a guy on the sidewalk if he knew where the bus station was. I told him that it was my second time visiting Mexico and said that I came for “the end of the world.” We both laughed.

I mentioned that I loved the Yucatán area and said that people were so friendly. He introduced himself as Juan and I said that my name is Juan too (I changed our names because I’m still writing this blog anonymously). Juan smiled and said “tocayo.” I learned what tocayo meant because the hostel employee I met a day earlier told me because he had the same name too.

Juan paused for a moment and thanked me for visiting Mexico. He acknowledge that there were problems at the “frontera” or border and said that the Yucatán area was safe. Juan gave me the magnet you see in the pic as a gift. He walked me to the bus station and wished me well on my journey.

This was one of my many encounters with the people of the Yucatán and they have been all friendly.

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  1. jill says:

    I love everything about the Yucatan region: the food, the culture, and yes, the people. I really, really want to go back soon!
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