Trango 2 tent by Mountain Hardware is the bomb

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Trango 2 by Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardware Trango 2 Review

This tent is the bomb… bomb proof that is… at least that’s what all the reviews I read before buying mine. I haven’t used it in snow yet, but I did take this tent to Burning Man Fertility 2.0.

The Trango 2 retails for $590, but I got it second hand on Craig’s List for $225. The one I purchased is older model which you can tell by the color in the picture above, but it was in excellent condition.

The reason I chose the Trango 2 was because its a four season tent that didn’t have a lot of mesh exposed like the three season ones. I didn’t have to line my tent to protect it from playa dust because it was already enclosed. Plus, it withstood the high winds on the playa since it was anchored down. Although, the wind at Burning Man wasn’t so bad this year. The Trango 2 is fairly easy to set up quickly.

I’m happy with my purchase.

Would I recommend this product? Yes.

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  1. Chris says:

    Just found this same tent at a yard sale for $8.00. Thanks for posting the photo as we needed to see it set up in order to figure out how the fly poles were supposed to go. Thanks. Great tent!

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