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Website: Curious Nomad
Description: Travel the world. Make a difference.

Here’s a list of inspiring blogs I follow. Check them out and share their stuff on social media sites.

20 Years Hence A couples extended backpacking trip through Asia and Europe.

Beyond Blighty A girl who gave up a career in scientific journalism to travel South America for seven months.

Culture Tripper Travel, art, culture, history and legendary landscapes.

Our Life Experiments Full-time traveling around the US with a travel trailer by a twenty something couple.

Backpacking Diplomacy Changing the world one backpacker at a time.

Bacon is Magic Life with a different set of rule.

Honey Trek Newlyweds on a 500 day honeymoon around the world.

Inspiring Travelers Ideas from the road.

Jack and Jill Travel A wanderlust woman and a not so wanderlust husband traveling around the world.

Nerd Travels A gamer nerd leveling up his life through accomplishing challenges.

Our Big Fat Travel Adventure A British couple who are about to embark on the biggest trip of their lives.

Pursuit of Life Satisfaction One girl’s quest to complete her bucket list while sharing tips on travel and wellness.

The Same Stars An academia grad who gave it all up to be a professional beach bum.

Quirky Travel Guy A budget conscious travel blog that features quirky attractions in the U.S.

The Wrong Way Home Travel photography tips, city guides, and photos to inspire you to travel.

Ways of Wanderers Budget travel and living as an expat around the world.

Where Sidewalks End Connecting you to a disconnected planet.

Wilds of Wherever A girl’s journey traveling on a budget of $30 a day with no timelines, no deadlines, or plans to return home.

Here’s a list of more travel bloggers. They are listed alphabetically. Check out their sites too!


A Backpacker’s Tale
A Couple Travelers
Adventures of Goodman
Adventurious Kate
Alex In Wanderland
Almost Fearless
Am I Nearly There Yet?
Annie Fitzsimmons
As We Travel


2 Backpackers
Backpack ME
Beers and Beans
Bohemian Travelers
Breakaway Backpacker
Born 2 Travel Mark and Stephy are two Italian travelers who discover the world with love.
Brook vs. the World


Camels and Chocolate
Canvas of Light
Cest Christine
Chicky Bus
Chuck and Lori
Coast Guard Couple
Como Viajar
Contemporary Nomad


Don’t Ever Look Back
Don’t Stop Living


Euro Travelogue
Europe Up Close
Ever the Nomad
Everything Everywhere
eTramping “Pack lite, travel far, and live long” is the motto that describes the lifestyle of travel bloggers Cez and Agnes who travel around the world on less than $25 per day while sharing the world with you on their blog!
Expat Edna
Expert Vagabond


Fearful Adventurer
Frameless World
Fevered Mutterings
Filipina in Flip Flops
Fox Nomad
Further Bound
Flights and Frustration
Fleeting Life


Global Encounter
Global Junkie
Go Big or Go Home
Go Mad Nomad
Go See Write
Going Nomadic


Happen Chance



Jack and Jill Travel
Jaclyn Jaunts
Jandals and a Backpack Alaina is a nomad Kiwi who likes to share her tips for backpacking on a budget. She counts hefting her backpack around the globe as part of her regular fitness regime and has a passion for volunteering, collecting passport stamps, sampling local beers in every country and visiting some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.
Jessie On A Journey
Johnny Jet
Johnny Vagabond
Joys Living Abroad


Katie Going Global


Lash World Tour
Life Remotely
Live n Travel
Love Play Work


Man On The Lam
My Travel Affairs


Nerdy Nomad
Never Ending Footsteps
Nomadic Chick
Nomadic Foodie
Nomadic Notes
Nomadic Pursuits
Nomadic Samuel


On and Off The Gringo Trail
Our Travel Lifestyle


Pack Your Passport
Passport and a Toothbrush
Peter Greenberg



Runaway Juno


Scottish Nomad
So Many Places
Short Travel Tips
Solo Travel Uncut
6 Months To Live


Take Your Big Trip
The Aussie Nomad
The Barefoot Nomad
This Way To Paradise
The Planet D
The Ravolution
The Travel Hack
The Travelling Squid
The Philippines Expat
Thinking Nomads
Thrilling Heroics
Travel Earth
Traveling Canucks
Travel Scamming
Travelling King
True Nomads
Twenty Something Travel
Two Oregonians
Two Travelaholics


Uncornered Market


Velvet Escape


Wandering Not Lost
Wandering Trader
Where Is Jenny


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Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. ~ Mark Twain