Who Is doing The Ultimate Train Challenge 2013?

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This looks like fun!

The Ultimate Train Challenge is a competition to get from Lisbon to Saigon or vice versa in 31 days. The only way you get from one end of the continent to the other is by train. That’s about over 25,000 km of train tracks!

Michael Dobson of Go See Write came up with this crazy idea while on a trip in South America back in 2010. I think I first found out about this challenge from Nomadic Chick’s blog a few years ago. I followed a couple of blog posts and saw that Nora from The Professional Hobo did it too.

I thought this would be cool if there were others doing this again, and voila it’s coming up this May 2013!

Growing up in Chicago, our family lived near railroad tracks. I saw trains pass by every day. All different kinds. Some zoomed by and others where miles long that took forever. Commuter trains, box cars, tankers, flat beds. My favorite was always seeing the caboose at the end.

Trains remind me of the fondest memories spending time with my grandfather. He taught me how to ride Chicago’s ‘L’ when I was 5 years old.

I even had a 8 X 4 foot model railroad set up in our basement. I put artificial grass made from sawdust on the board. I built a model house. There were a few cross and switch tracks in my set. I had the silver Santa Fe engine that pulled a few cars, and a red caboose trailing behind. I use to put sewing machine oil in one of my locomotives and smoke would come out like a real steam engine. It was one of my favorite hobbies.

In 2005, went to the Gold Coast Railroad Museum in Miami. Last year I went to the San Diego Model Railroad Museum. I’m fascinated with trains.

So that is why I would love to do The Ultimate Train Challenge this year.

Check out these videos to get some inspiration.

Ultimate Train Challenge

Video by Nora Dunn, The Professional Hobo

Trans-Manchurian Railway for the Ultimate Train Challenge

Video by Micheal Hodson, Go See Write

I’m really considering this. The only thing I need to figure out is the work situation.

I still have a job, but I realize how precious time is to cease moments like this.

While I’m saving a RTW trip, I’m not sure if I’m ready to start this May. I have a bulk of my savings set, but stashing away a little extra money is always good.

I could start a RTW trip in May, but I would be like a plane taking off with a short runway.

I’m going to research the visas and get the planning started just in case my life plans might change.

So… if you’re still with me. Who’s doing The Ultimate Train Challenge this year?


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  1. Steph ( says:

    I love the idea of this… for other people! ;) My husband and I have discovered that we are slow-travelers at heart and so while I love the idea of covering great swaths of the world by train, I’d hate to rush through all those places in my bid to make it from Vietnam to Portugal as quickly as possible. It’s really not the way I like to travel, but I look forward to hearing about others adventures as they struggle to make it cross the finish line!
    Steph ( recently posted…And Now for Some Culture…My Profile

  2. brandy bell says:

    I’m right there with ya!
    brandy bell recently posted…Bali’s Best BeachesMy Profile

  3. amy says:

    This looks great – if you really want to do it, get planning and throw your savings target out the window. If you crack down and save extra hard for the next few months I’m sure you can make it!
    amy recently posted…Visiting WalesMy Profile

  4. Hi everyone! I’m researching travel shots and visas at the moment for UTC. Still saving money too for RTW!

  5. karima says:

    this sounds awesome! I’ll try to aim for next year. All the best to you!
    karima recently posted…Java trip – wrap upMy Profile

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